Hello and Welcome to Birmingham Ghost Hunters 

Hello There Welcome To Birmingham Ghost Hunters

We are an non profitable team located in Birmingham West Midlands u.k

We are a friendly dedicated & passionate bunch

Eager to explore England's most haunted locations

We provide both public and private paranormal investigations,

we also provide house blessings

 support & Join BGH has they travel through England 

visiting all most haunted locations as they can!!
We are a caring team dedicated and passionate to the paranormal 
im a medium and energy healer and have been working with energy a long time now
i have qualifications in parapsychology demonology Angel cards crystals
We are very dedicated & Gifted to the paranormal..
The main reason for making this channel is for you guys proving the exsistance of the after life started as a personal goal i needed to seek now it is proving it to you guys especially to the ones who do not believe it would hugely help us to go live on youtube instead on facebook at the minute we have to go live on fb then download it to youtube it takes a whole good few days to unload for you guys we cant do this until we reach 1,000 subscribers
please help us grow by supporting our channel
 If you know of anyone haunted or maybe your someone that has a ghost or spirit in your home please do not hesitate drop us an email a member of the team will get straight back to you :)

Let's Meet The Team

Paranormal  Investigators 


Paranormal investigator


Paranormal investigator


Paranormal investigator





Paranormal investigator

Camera & Tech Crew







Camera Technician 

Camera Technician 

Camera Technician 


On this website you can view and keep up to date with our latest investigations and our public events  we also have a  facebook group were you will be able to message any of us easily.



If you Scroll down below you will see some video evidence of us using the k2 on a investigation at east drive if you click on it!

 it will forward you to our investigation page where you will be able to view our investigations,

Do enjoy your stay with us here at Birmingham Ghost Hunters

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to message us on the contact page

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(Private House Investigation

The team are good at what they do, they are very polite, and ontime will be recommending to others i.e my family and friends