About us | Birmingham | Birminghamghosthunter

We have all branched out on our own and met each other along our journey!

We have all been in previous teams and have gathered years of  experience 

We came together as friends and now established a strong team

Although were based in

Birmingham West Midlands, United Kingdom. We travel the UK looking for and investigating the most haunted locations that we can find in order to bring the evidence to you!!!


Everything that we share are true events, non of our findings have been fabricated in anyway!! 


Our main aim is to find proof of the paranormal by not only visiting locations but by holding our own investigations that we invite YOU to be a part of!!

Please check our events page to see any upcoming events that we are offering, you don't have to sit back and watch us why not join us??

 Everything you see in the pictures or videos are all true events nothing is staged its not for entertainment purpose the whole aim is to prove the paranormal and the afterlife exists i do not call upon spirits they simply are not there! Were searching for answers!! We are not one of those groups that class everything we hear or see as paranormal.. We will always try to de bunk before we class it as paranormal occurrence, There’s a famous catch phrase as a paranormal investigation quote “IF YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN IT THEN ITS PARANORMAL”! If you can explain what it is you see or hear or experience then its not paranormal.. We investigate all paranormal events that simply cant be explained.. Not a lot of groups entertain with residual haunting’s but we do!! This phenomena is very interesting and could be the answers to what happens after death..

Services we offer:

Private Home Investigations

Home Cleansings 

Public Investigations



Hi I'm Steph 

I joined BGH when they 1st started last year!

We met on an investigation and worked very well together,

i started as a skeptic and now learning about how energy works i help JoanneClare with house blessings..


Hi I'm Malcolm

i work with the filming and recording photos, i have been with BGH the same time as Steph we came together after working so well together and now become a friendly team.


Hi I'm JoanneClare

I'm a qualified Energy Healer

have studied Parapsychology and Demonology i have been working with spiritual energy most of my life,

I have natural abilites that i use as my tools.


Hi I'm Guy

I'm the newest member but have known them all along time, i help Malcolm with the filming and help our with the I.T.

And Graphic Designing..


Hi I'm Pat

I'm an experienced Paranormal Investigation joined BGH a few months ago and having been working as a team ever since!!


Hi I'm Vicky

I'm a qualified Paranormal Investigator have been in a previous team for a few years, 

I also have abilities and have been known to do Trance medium-Ship..