We use this mainly before & after investigations measuring & recording any electrical spikes.
They all let us know of any energy changes and all light up with little beeping sounds.

E.M.F  sensory and temp alarm this notifies us on any energy & temp changes.


The K2

helps us pick up any emf in range to us and notifies us by the lights flashing on the gauge..



The E-field

picks up on any static interferance and flashes a red light..


Electromagnetic Radiation Detector 

when placed in an area or object the LCD screen

measures any energy spikes by display the numbers on the screen..

we mainly use this on our investigation before and after it helps to see if the energy has increased

or decreased...


EMF Field Tester


The Mel Meter:

This works the same as the k2 picks up any emf

is more responsive than the k2

and doesn't get effected by mobiles..


Tri-field Meter.

This again notifies us on any change of energy the needle will go up on the gauge shown on the display panel, and also make a squealing noise.


Dowsing Rods

Old Fashioned Dowsing rods,

work with the energy around you

we ask the spirit to perform yes and no answers

with moving the dowsing rods left or right..



This ghost hunting device provides clear responses

you can see and hear during an investigation.

Just set it down,

ask simple questions and await a response.

You can choose to ask a question with a Yes/No

answer or any close-ended question of your choice.

Rem & Temp Pod..
this was made for us
its a fabulous device picks up the temp changes
if anything goes by the antenna it alerts us and flashes



Ovilus 5b

The Ovilus 5b is the newest Ovilus!

It takes intelligent spirit communication to the next level

by translating audible EVPs into writing.

Having the EVP written out helps to understand EVPs

that may have otherwise been misunderstood

and gives more visual evidence during your paranormal investigation.

SB-7 Spirit Box
radio waves sweeps forwards & backwards
through stations,
evp recorder to record any evp's caught.

Laser grids

are brilliant for when your in dark places such as tunnels,

A green light appear's as a laser grid

if anything moves in-front of the lights its visibly seen to us ..


Pendulum communication board

is a bit like the ouiji board

the way the layout is on the board

you have letters for communication

and use a crystal

and ask the spirit to guide you to the letters..



Alarm Motion Sensors

we place the motion sensors in haunted areas

to help us know where there's movement

a loud alarm will go off..


The Witches Motion Sensors

These witches motion sensors are amazing tools

the spirits love to set these off

they seem to go off more than the other ones

which is good as they have a laughing sound

instead of a loud beeping noise!

LED Strip Light Wireless PIR Motion Sens

Motion Sensor Trigger Light..

Motion Sensored Light strip lay that out in a known haunted area

if anything passes it will be picked up with the light coming on..




Spirit Vibe motion sensor is very responsive

 sensitive by the slightest little knock or bang

around the area it is placed

it lights up and makes noises to alert us..

  • FootStep Tracker

  • High sensitivity geophone sensor detects even small vibrations

  • Remote sensor with detachable/extendable cable

  • Glow-in-the-dark sensor for spotting the the darkness



I love this item one of my favourites!

This is a smart device is all you need really,

build in k2,

temp alert

pressure motion sensor

you can tell when something isnt normal

it soon gets your attention.. 



Motion sensor  ambulance..

This is a smart little tool

we use this in cases of sightings or sounds of children

in the location.

They have been known to communicate with this smart toy

and as it is a car toy it attracts the children.



                                  Flashing Cat Balls..

                                  These are amazing tools to have when

                                  ghost hunting we will put them on the floor

                                  and ask spirit to touch them or move them

                                  they flash when interacted with them

.                                 they glow up in the dark so its easier to see.





The Singing Bowl..

We use the singing bowl as a tool

the tones and vibrations of the singing bowl attracts and draws the

spirits to the point of where the singing bowl is,

its a great tool for spirits and energy..



Infrared Camera..

This is one of the best things we've got ghost hunting

it is an amazing tool to have you can save all

the images on to a memory card,

this device is also known as the flare camera

you can see the hot and cold spots

in any area the laser is pointed at.


Night Vision Cam

This is another brilliant tool placed on the side can take images of different angels of the room. And its fully night vision also can leave it in any dark places.

Night Vision Camcorder..

This is a smart little device made by Sony,

i use the night vision light with it to get that

extra clear shot of night as we are in pitch

blackness most of the time it does help.

Night Vision Zoom Camcorder..

This is an amazing device is best to use outdoors

as it has a very good zoom on it you could see miles down a

tunnel with this fully night vision too.

night vision camera.jpg

DSLR Camera & Light..

Brilliant Camera

you can use this in multiply features,

the light is really good for outside

and darker places..

The Sls X-box Kenntics Camera

This was designed for the x-box after a boy seeing a figure waving

at him it is now used as a brilliant ghost hunting tool,

it draws a stick man to form the body..