Private Home Investigations

We do  home Investigations which involves the team visiting your home

1st Visit

Joanne-Clare and one of our Paranormal investigators will do a day time home visit, on their visit they will be using our equipment to measure electro magnetic fields and note of any changes, Joanne-Clare is also a psychic Medium and healer so shes able to feel and pick up on Spirit Activity..

 2nd Visit

Joanne-Clare will return to your home in the evening with Paranormal Investigators which able us to be able's to investigate your home recording any changes from the day time visit we will also be using equipment and cameras on our visits..

Depending on the area the team need to investigate will limit how many team members are needed!

Please Note:

As all investigations go this may take us a few visits until we establish or even more so gain trust from the spirits in your home some don't want to leave so easily so we have to use our encouragement to help them find peace to move on 

When the spirits are ready to leave this dimension and move onto the next Joanne-Clare is able to help and assist them..

which does involve her opening a portal to the spiritual world and bringing in the spiritual helpers to help the spirit pass over..

Home Blessings..

Our home blessings are run by Joanne-Clare and Stephanie they both work very well with each other and their abilities have managed to clear a lot of spirits together..

Their will 2 other team members present also mainly for their protection, Stephanie and Joanne together will perform a spirit clearance around each room..

They will be using incense aroma earthly elements to  help balance the yang-yang energies in your home,

Crystals will also be used along with other tools they use

This is all to help bring in lighter energy into your home..

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