Paranormal Evidence 

Welcome to our evidence page

Everything on this page are all from our journey here at BGH

You can see a mixture of videos and photos of all the evidence we've collected along our journey.

If you click on the videos below you will  see the videos of our investigations at several different locations 

Followed by the best photo evidence we've caught and recorded so far!! 


Warstone Lane Cemetery also known as Birmingham Catacombs.

Is a beautiful well kept cemetery dating back to the world war era,

Has it own catacombs build in the lower level of the Cemetery

this Cemetery is listed as one of the most haunted and most active areas in the west midlands, and they sure like to make their presence known if your lucky you may see the caretaker who walks out the cemetery to the top of the road and then walks through the Jewellery Quarters building disappears or may you will see the famous white lady who walks around the ground.


Key Hill Cemetery is situated next to Warstone Lane,

By the Jewellery Quarters in Birmingham.

This cemetery is amazing also it has a very eerie feel to it day or night,

The atmosphere in this place gives it that extra spooky feel to it,

We did a night vigil here and got quite a bit on our live video which you can find in the videos up above, these are the camera shots we got!


30 east drive


30 East Drive is situated in Yorkshire of England.

This house is where supposedly most notorious poltergeist is residing dating back to the 1970 when this entity tormented a family which fled the house for safety of their lives the father actually passed away in the bath which definitely gives it an eerie feel

When i went to east drive the first time it was really evil, i captured the below images and the feeling i got with those figures behind me was like there were ants crawling over my skin i didn't want to move i couldn't move i froze,

The upside down cross appeared when i asked the entity to reveal who it was

The other 3 times i visited we didn't get much the odd taps and bangs..

Sadly it is a hit or miss you either get activity or you dont it is the way the spiritual world works really, if you give enough energy out in the house you get more back!