10 Best Ghost Hauntings of Birmingham

1.. The Old Crown Pub

Date / Time: 21 August 1999 Misty

Haunting Manifestation

  • Birmingham pub dates back to 14th century and is said to be haunted

  • Bar staff have now captured footage they say proves ghoul's existence

  • CCTV images show bottle of cordial moving across the bar on its own

  • It then falls on floor and continues to move as shocked customers look on

  • Barmaid says she and cleaning staff have had bottoms pinched by ghost

  • Chef at pub quit his job after being confronted by the spectre of a woman

CCTV footage from a 'haunted' Midlands pub captures the moment staff say a ghost pushed a bottle of cordial off the bar.

A series of strange incidents have been reported at The Old Crown in Digbeth, Birmingham - where barmaids and cleaners claim a ghost pinches their bottoms.

Staff at the pub now believe they have surveillance footage which proves the ghoul's existence.

The video shows a bottle of blackcurrant cordial mysteriously moving across a surface and falling on the ground.

The incident was witnessed by two customers seated at the bar, Andy Lightfoot, 48, and Rudie Jones, 26, who immediately leaned over to get a look at what had happened.

Mr Lightfoot, a builder from Ellesmere Port who was staying in the pub at the time, said: 'It was very freaky. We couldn't understand how on earth the bottle toppled over the bar like that.'

The eerie incident happened when barmaid Amy Carter had momentarily left the bar to go to the basement.

Ms Carter, 24, says: 'I went down to the cellar to get some more spirits and suddenly I heard a big bang from upstairs.

'I immediately rushed back to the bar to see Andy and Rudie leaning over staring at the bottle on the floor.

'They told me what happened and I was spooked. It's so weird.'

The Old Crown's Landlord, Ciaran Healy, initially refused to believe Andy's and Rudie's explanation.

Mr Healy, 24, said: 'When I came to the bar and saw the blackcurrant cordial on the floor, I was furious.

'I thought Andy and Rudie had been messing around and dropped the bottle on purpose. We were really busy that night. I didn't appreciate them fooling around like this.

'But Andy and Rudie kept swearing that it wasn't them and begged me to check out the CCTV footage.

'I actually made a £20 bet that they had pushed the bottle themselves as a prank. But when I saw the recording, I couldn't believe it. I tried to explain it away.

'I thought maybe Andy and Rudie had used some string to push the bottle but there's no rational explanation for what happens in that video. It's shaken me.'

There have been several ghosts sightings reported at The Old Crown, which dates from 1368.

Barmaid Miss Carter and another female staff member claim that they have had their bottoms pinched by the ghost.

Staff have even quit their jobs at the historic pub - which Queen Elizabeth I reportedly stayed in - because of fears about ghosts.


Date / Time: 1970s Strange Sounds

Type: Haunting Manifestation

The Steelhouse Lane Lock Up is said to have housed real members of the Peaky Blinders.

And notorious serial killer Fred West was said to have been held there too.

It closed in 2016 and has only been open to the public on rare open days since.

Now, there's a chance to go for a late night ghost hunt in the city centre prison.

This grade II listed building opened in 1892 and held some of the most hardened criminals in the country," said a Haunted Rooms spokeman.

"Life in the Victorian period was known to be difficult but can you imagine how hard it must have been to be housed within these walls.

"Not only were you living with other inmates, who were known for their viciousness, but you also had to contend with the harsh conditions including the formidable guards."

He added: "Imagine yourself locked inside one of the small cells, hearing the sound of the guards feet clinking on the wrought iron walkways and up and down the stairs, knowing that they could come to your cell at any time.

"You can almost hear the echoes of the other prisoners resounding throughout the building.

"You could maybe imagine yourself being guided through the underground tunnels from the court, knowing that this is the last time you could be free for a while or maybe you could come across one of the guards.

"Whichever spirit you encounter at Steelhouse Lane Lock Up be sure to ask for their story, whether they were innocent or guilty they will always have an interesting tale to tell."


Date / Time: Twentieth century Leon Salberg


Type: Haunting Manifestation

There are almost as many characters offstage as on at the historic Alex. No fewer than five ghosts are said to inhabit the venue, among them former manager Leon Salberg.

The stage and cinema tycoon, known nationally as the Pantomime King, took over the venue in 1911 but the showbusiness world was shocked when he was found dead in his office on September 29, 1937. It’s said his spirit can still be heard and seen today.

The theatre’s other ghosts are a former master of the wardrobe department who also died in the building, a military man in a top hat, a stage manager called Dick who can be heard jangling his keys and the mysterious Grey Lady who was first reported by a member of staff in 1987.

There’s also a sixth paranormal phenomenon, with power being inexplicably drained from electrical devices.

Theatre staff said there had been no sightings at the venue in recent years. A spokeswoman told the Birmingham Mail: “I haven’t experienced anything ghost-related and we have a team of fairly new staff so we don’t have anyone who has had a personal experience.”

But ghosthunters from a group called UK Paranormal Consultants carried out an investigation at the theatre several years ago and reported several unexplained phenomena.

Knocking and tapping noises were heard, along with doors opening and closing, even though the theatre was closed for the night.

The investigators also found the batteries in their equipment kept going flat and experienced a “feeling of being prodded” by an unseen presence while sitting in the auditorium.


Birmingham Council House is a Grade II* listed building situated in Victoria Square, and was built in 1875. The first stone was laid by Joseph Chamberlain, who was mayor of Birmingham 3 times, and then later became an MP. He was a very important political figure of the time, and the father of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. He did a great deal for Birmingham’s poor, working tirelessly to alleviate their situation and in doing so cleared slum areas and had better houses built for those that worked in the city. He died in 1914, and it is said that his ghost haunts his old office in the Council house, in the corner of the building on the first floor. His ghost has been seen walking the corridors, and sometimes standing behind his old desk. A strong smell of fresh cut flowers is said to accompany sightings of “Brummagem Joe” as he insisted upon having these in his office. As soon as he is seen, he vanishes.

The building is also said to be built on an old monastery, and as a result, there have been some sightings of a ghostly monk wandering the corridors.

There is also another story of the suicide of a council worker within the building, who hanged himself in the entrance hall. His ghost is said to be seen hanging at the top of the great staircase directly inside the main doors. Others claim to hear the quiet tapping of keyboard keys coming from the room where the man was said to have worked, and have entered only to find the room empty…


The Town Hall just next to the the Council House also has it’s fair share of spooky stories. Opened in 1834, it is a Grade I Listed building, being more architecturally significant than the Council House. It was built to become the home of the Birmingham Triennial Music Festival, the purpose of which was to raise funds for the General Hospital, and also to be used for public meetings. It was recently refurbished into a concert hall, which is what it is mainly used for today. Charles Dickens even gave public readings here to raise funds for the Birmingham and Midland institute. He gave his first reading of “A Christmas Carol” at the Town Hall on Boxing Day of 1852.

on, the building is said to be the home of several apparitions, mainly Victorian gentleman in full Victorian attire. Two of those gentleman are said to be John Heap and William Badger, who were stonemasons hired to work on the building in 1833. They were tragically killed as they worked on the carving of the external pillars from a wooden scaffold, when a rope snapped causing a large piece of masonry to fall on them. A monument to them stands in St. Philips graveyard, where they are also buried. Many claim to have heard the quiet tapping of metal tools against stone late at night when the square is quiet. Are the ghosts of these two unfortunate gentlemen carrying on the work they never got to finish?

This area has many tales of paranormal activity, and my particular favourite is that of Christ Church, which was built in 1805 and demolished in 1899. It stood a little way down from where the “Floozy in the jacuzzi” water fountain now stands, and the only reminder it was ever there is “Christ Church passage” which leads from Waterloo street to New Street. The Church was never used for burials, except for a select few inside the church itself, and when the decision was made to demolish the church, a new resting place had to be found for the poor souls interred there. Many were taken to nearby Key Hill and Warstone Lane cemeteries, and it is said that a spectral horse and cart like the one used to take the bodies at the time, can sometimes be seen carrying it’s ghostly cargo all the way to the entrance of Warstone Lane cemetery. There is a grizzly story about John Baskerville (creator of the Baskerville Typeface), but that is a story for another time!


Date / Time: Holt and servant boy unknown, green lady in Summer 1991 Mrs Holt

Type: Haunting Manifestation

Holt and servant boy unknown, green lady in Summer 1991 A former Mrs Holt (or Halte) was suspected by her husband of having an affair - he locked her in the loft where she lived for several years before dying. Another version of the story says It was Mary Holt who was locked in the loft by her father, after trying to elope. Either way, the phantom grey or white lady haunts the upper floor. A ghostly servant boy is said to hang from a beam on the property (he committed suicide after being caught stealing), while finally a green woman, a former housekeeper named either Mrs Whitaker or Walker has been seen in various areas of the site. A member of staff spotted her in the nursery room, briefly mistaking her for a real person before realising the area was closed off and that the figure wore seventeenth century clothing.


Date / Time: 1996 Maroon Woman

Type: Haunting Manifestation

During the building's construction, CCTV picked up the image of a strange grey figure - security was sent to the scene, but no one could be found. A ward sister was encountered along a top floor corridor, only visible from the knees upwards. Around the same time, a crew of workers found themselves locked in a room after investigating cries heard from within; once again nothing could be found. A priest was finally summoned to the area.

8.. Saracen's Head Inn, Kings Norton

Date / Time: Unknown

Type: Haunting Manifestation Henrietta's Maid

When Queen Henrietta Maria visited Kings Norton, an influenza outbreak ravaged her troops. For her safety, the troops set up camp by the stream while the Queen stayed at the Saracens Head. Queen Henrietta had her maid run messages to and from the camp, but the young girl caught the illness. When Henrietta set off, the maid stayed behind and died shortly after. She still walks the upstairs corridor looking to serve her mistress.


Date: 17th Century..

Over 900 years of history

The Tudor Merchant’s House and the 17th century Old Grammar School are set either side of St Nicolas' Church, a place of worship much of which has stood here since Norman times. Together, they constitute the finest collection of mediaeval buildings in Birmingham. They were restored in 2004 and are owned and managed by Kings Norton Parish Church Council

The Tudor Merchant’s House

Humphrey Rotsey’s house is a large, high status merchant’s house with five hundred year old original timbers. Exposed wattle and daub has survived and can still be clearly seen together with evidence of the building’s former history as a Georgian and Victorian public house, remembered locally as the Saracen’s Head.

The Queen’s Room is where Queen Henrietta Maria is reputed to have spent the night in 1643 during the English Civil War. It is a beautiful example of a Tudor interior where an original fireplace, faint remains of Tudor interior décor and window frame grooves can be seen. As the Queen slept, 3000 Royalist Horse troops and 30 companies of foot soldiers camped in Kings Norton.

In the Gable Room you can see the original, newly-exposed Tudor gable, hidden for decades behind a later extension. The gable end, once the front of the house, looked out onto The Green.

By prior arrangement, visitors with an academic interest can view the extensive hidden roof timber work of the east range and our large archive.

The Old Grammar School

  • One of the oldest school buildings in the country.

  • Massive oak roof timbers felled between 1434 and 1460.

  • Faint but visible, remnants of Tudor decoration thought to have been scratched into the woodwork to ward off evil spirits.

  • Fletcher marks where yeomen of the village sharpened their arrow heads and marks on the window mullions where generations of students sharpened their pen knives to cut nibs into quill pens.


Date / Time: 2000s Young Girl Haunting Manifestation

Caught on film by a group of party goers, this shade is one of the two ghosts that haunt the property, the other taking the form of an old woman. In 1993, when the pub was known as 'Baldie's Mansion', a masked white apparition was spotted, accompanied by nearby trees and bushes violently shaking.






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