Aston Hall Day Time Paranormal Investigation..

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

I went to explore Aston Hall in day light with my family on...

We 1st entered the gardens and wow i was totally blown away with the location of Aston Hall its totally beautifully kept well with the stunning gardens and land that daily passers by stops and takes a glance of the lovely surroundings and then the stunning Gothic

looking buildings adds to the finishing touch. I had never been here it was my 1st time and i toke my son to which was his 1st time also so we was totally in ore of this stunning building.

We 1st entered into the main hall where a lady greeted us and provided us with some info on history the man of the house was a very well to do man very respected he was a judge and at that time the people who was accused in Birmingham would get sent to him and had to stand in his drawing room to hear their fate, And his employees had to read a sign that was hung above the fire place in the great hall that had to be red to them and stated if they remain a loyal member of staff and respect the building their will be rewards for them in his will...

This building is truly an amazing building walking from room to room it was a complete honour to be able to walk around this amazing history looking at different items used in the house around the time period of Jacobean style was awesome the artist wooden floors and carved beams on the wood is worth a look not something we see now at all,

The huge portraits that are hung on the wall are captivating and draw you in to the history,

As you walk up the stairs you can actually see where cannon balls where fired and landed in one of the staircases the wood is still completely destroyed but still standing in one piece.

This totally fascinated me with the history to validate that this when Aston hall was under an attack and toke a hit from a cannon ball..

As we entered the middle level of the house which is where the bedrooms are located which are totally stunning with huge wooden 4 poster beds as we entered the best bed chamber we all started to smell perfume it was quite over powering hoovering in the room we had just walked into.

As a paranormal Investigator i thought this would be a great chance on getting some equipment out as i started walking around with the ovilus the name John did come up as i walked up to a portrait that had the name John at the bottom.

When we went to the top floor where the workers chambers are felt completely different even in daylight there was a few areas we wasn't allowed to go into but the area i did step into felt like a ship you actually feel like your swaying like your on a ship its a very strange an odd feeling i was being drawn to the centre of the room where there was barriers and alarms so i could go in that area but i knew there was something big that happened in the middle of the room,

As i was doing a live video for our viewers on the page and for my partner viewing it who does look into the history one thing i wont do because of connecting, she was able to tell me after picking of of this up about the centre of the room that one of the workers was found hanging from one of the beams of wood that was in the centre of the room!!

Aston Hall is absolutely amazingly beautiful i cannot believe i have lived in Birmingham all of my life and to my memory i cannot remember going here, but wow i have missed out on the wonders and beauty of the building these amazing people that made this building happen should always be remembered as legends know one could build such a building in today's time..

Please check our Live Video out also!!

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