Birmingham Catacombs

We visited both cemeteries on Friday 4th October 2019.

As a team we went further into Key Hill which we have never been able to do before as a team we all went to areas where we were called to be in Pat one of our investigators went further than she has before also with her temperature equipment she followed where the energy was pointing her to go in and climbed all through brambles and high weeds to get to some catacombs in the wall completely burred she was able to find some hidden graves also smashed and unforgotten hidden under all the brambles and weeds, i will leave the live video of pat in action and following her device for more higher readings the temperature alarm she was using shows a lot of temperature changes huge drop ones that we clearly cannot explain it wasn't really that cold most of us was saying how warm we were as we all dressed up for the occasion i think..

As we was following pat going off on her adventure we filmed quite a few orbs around the graves she was being drawn to there was also a lot of mist over this graveyard and kept going in front of the camera, mean while Joanne was also connecting to a french lady not that old a young spirit she felt as she was standing by a wall of memory for the soldiers unknown to her at the time she picked up on a shot to her chest by actually having the pain in the area of her chest and ribs.

Which a french lady at the time was coming through the ghost box talking in french,

As we was walking out of the cemetery we found her grave which you can see below which confirmed she was french also that was a pretty good ending to the investigation.

Team BGH did very well again working as a team for maximum results..

Photos taken by Ann Rees

Vicky's Views!

Our night at key hill was very interesting night we had active first half the night were spirit box was really good response said Joanne name we had a we had a woman in French come on the box they was also women singing opera on the box to while we was having a five minute break pat got drawn to an area were she forgotten grave then I was seeing a solder with them long swords plus Ann was hearing steps behind her while she was standing and taking photos I was being drawn to area I did not want to go then I got hurt in the eye cause I did not want to go there then we decided to go to the catacombs which was totally different atmosphere it was calm in the catacombs not like key hill cemetery at all

they are working on the catacombs so we could not do much in there on a whole it was an ok night and good meeting everyone again..

Live Video of our investigation at Key Hill Cemetery

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