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friday.. 20th april.. 2018... 

our invesigation started at 9pm

and ended at 3am saturday morning


Drakelow Tunnels are a former Top Secret underground military complex beneath Kingsford Country Park north of Kidderminster, Worcestershire. The tunnels were built between 1941-1942 as a Shadow Factory for the Rover car company. Parts for aircraft engines were machined in the 3.5 miles of tunnels throughout WWII. After WWII the tunnels began producing parts for tank engines until 1958 when the tunnels were handed over to the Ministry of Supply, and later Ministry of Works.

In 1961 the British Government converted half of the tunnels into a top secret facility, designated: Regional Seat of Goverment 9 (R.S.G. 9). Drakelow, along with 12 other facilities scattered across the U.K. formed a national network of highly classified Nuclear Bunkers, that the British Goverment would operate the country from, in the event of Nuclear War.

In 1980, Drakelow was re-designated: Regional Government Headquarters 9.2 (R.G.H.Q. 9.2). The tunnels were also upgraded and Blast Doors and Air Locks installed to bring the complex upto full Nuclear Bunker status. Through out the 1980's Drakelow operated under complete secracy until the end of the Cold War in 1990. In 1993, the Ministry of Defence deemed the facility surplus to requirements, and the entire complex was decommissioned and sold.

Since 1993, the Drakelow Tunnels Preservation Trust, have been restoring the entire complex to its original condition to become the largest Cold War Museum in the UK. It also the largest underground space in the UK open to the general public.

Open days and private tours are conducted of the WWII Rover Shadow Factory tunnels, 1960's RSG and 1980's RGHQ Nuclear Bunker through out the year. The complex is also available for filming, training and private functions.

Our Investigation at Drakelow Tunnels....

As we entered the long eerie drive way  up to the tunnel entrance, there was trees at each side like the original haunted location this location i seemed to be quite effected as i had a heavy pressure in my head from the minute i woke up right to the event time sam also had a head ache the same for over 5 days before there was defiantly a feeling to this place i knew i was being effecting by this place because several times things kept going wrong in trying to stop me from getting to this location we fought through every problem that came our way and ignored how we felt we fully protected our self's wearing snowflake obsidian as i got closer to the entrance i started to feel like i couldn't get my breathe, as i opened the door it totally toke my breathe for a second i had to stand back for a second and take a few deep breaths and then i entered the tunnels..

As we all grouped up and started to walk around the tunnels we walked in the kitchen area i seen a full figure walk casually into another room totally saw the back of him walking as i seen it so did someone else which i was glad of because i did at first think i was seeing things this was literally straight away as we walked in the tunnels, we all linked hands in a circle and protected ourselves,

The Group medium decided we should stay in this area because it is active right now as i was standing with my back to the area where i had seen this figure just as the medium started to say he could see a man that looked like a monkey really long arms walking like a monkey in the middle of the circle, i started to feel cold air all around my feet and all behind me as the cold air increased all over my body it actually felt like someone was standing behind and put there arms around me crushing my chest i started to feel like i couldn't breath as one of the team members said are you feeling ok it looks very strange the area behind you she came and stood in between me and my friend and straight away our arms as we were holding hands shot up in the air then flew back down again and my fingers started to prise apart from hers then i said are you doing that which she said she wasn't as i said dont let it break the circle it stopped as quick as that all of the equipment that we had set up was also all going off which was fantastic..

This place is defiantly spooky it really does give you the spine chillers,

as we split up into all separate groups and started to investigate in a smaller group

we went back to the kitchen area where i had seen the figure it seemed to be where most of the activity was going on in we set the laser grid pen up aiming it at the tunnel directly opposite us.

As the medium started to tell us a brief history of what had been reported to of happened in the area we were standing in and why he thinks its mostly active in, There was a man apparently a bully and he had been bullying a female member of staff that was working in the kitchen finally she snapped and stabbed him to death, the medium picked up that she had help off males to cover up the body like it never had happened and remove every trace that he was there they never found his body, could this be why he haunts this area for final justice of the truth.

As i was looking at the laser grid i could see a glowing green light at the end of the tunnels and no it wasn't the laser as it cant reach that far the tunnels are 4 miles long its like an underground village down there, i could see a figure walling closer and closer as it got closer i started to see big huge long arms it was walking very strange i asked if any one could see this as i pointed out the area it was in every one else and the medium said they could see it too just as it was walking along the side of the wall all hunched over it suddenly changed to something like a dog crawling all along the floor i had never seen anything quite like this it defiantly was not human at all, we could all a motor bike in the distance and laughing and talking and whistling this area was really active.

when we went into another room it had 3 other rooms attached to it with beds in the corners

thats the room  i toke the thermal image pictures in before it got completely drained, we got the SLS KINNECTIC camera out and could see a small boy sitting with his legs crossed next to one of the team members which was awesome i do love that device,

when we had our own free time we returned and joined a few other ghost hunters connecting to supposivly an 8 year old boy as we was table tipping you could actually feel the pressure of the table lifting and shaking  side to side the table was spinning in a circle as we was running around trying to keep up with it even in 1 leg at one point then all of a sudden the table slammed on the floor and folded in half the table actually smashed into sams leg and had left a huge bruise!

there was someone filming all of this at the time when she sends it to me i will upload the video for you all to see!!

i feel this little boy was coming through as a child to get everyone's trust as i do know demons and negative spirits that come through could lie to us this is to gain our full trust and security ones there in they dont need no more permission, plus what parents do you know that leaves their child alone with a room full of strangers no mother will do that on this plane or the next the boy kept saying his parents are with him in spirit but are not in the room at this time sorry i just dont believe that part!

i feel this was a male entity that shape shifted him self into an 8 year old boy..

it got to my emotions for while the thought of a boy on his own in spirit really did upset me but as soon as that table flew on the floor with so much force i knew that was no child energy it was just to strong children that have come through before the energy is very weak its not as strong as that usually..

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