LOCATION: Edgehill and Kineton, England

DATE: 1642-1643

(Haunted History)

The dull, regular thud of distance drums began to draw closer. It was accompanied by agonized groans of pain and terror.

Steadily, the noise became louder until it grew to a deafening roar.

In the middle of the field,

A group of group of shepherds stood trembling, Terrifying noises echoed all around them, Though they couldn't see anything.


suddenly they were stopped dead in their tracks by an incredible sight.

In the air above them, a terrible battle was raging soldiers on horseback were thrusting and slashing with their swords, Cannons belched forth clouds of thick black smoke and muskets fired out deadly shots.

The shepherds crouched down in the grass,

A few moments before, they had been quietly tending their sheep.

Now suddenly, they were witnesses to an extraordinary vision.

Through the smoke, they could see people carrying flags which they recognized as the first battle of the English Civil War.

Known as the Battle of Edgehill,

Had been fought on that spot in October 1642,

Only a few months before,

had the troops from the battle somehow returned to fight again?

The shepherds ordeal lasted several hours,

Then the armies vanished as abruptly as they had appeared.

The men hurried to the town of Kineton and woke up Mr. Wood and Mr. Marshall, two respected members of the community.

When Mr. Wood heard their tale he thought they must be drunk or crazy.

But he also knew some of the men personally and sensing their genuine fear, felt he ought to take them seriously.

The next night, the shepherds took a group of people to the place where they had seen the vision after half an hour of waiting,

The eerie battle began again it was as violent and terrifying as before.

After these sightings, the armies were not seen for several nights,

but then a group of strangers to the town reported meeting soldiers of a similar description on the road, they said that a troop of horsemen had ridden past them and had then sunk mysteriously into the ground.

when the new comers told their tale the townspeople mocked them,

But they were quickly forced to change their attitudes.

On January 4th, in the middle of the night,

The people of Kineton woke up trembling as the battle began again.

Some hid in corners, while others lay sweating under their covers.

Only a few brave individuals peered out of their windows.

They saw horsemen raging along the road..

The next evening a small group decided to get together and guard the towns gate, the soldiers came back at mid-night.

For many people the experience became to much and left.

The soldiers continued to appear most of the residents continued to get distressed over the sightings, until finally someone suggested that the spirits could be restless after research they found a number of unburied bodies..

The English Civil War

In the 1640's England was divided by a struggle for power between King Charles I and parliament this led to the outbreak of civil war took place at Edgehill in October 1642 Neither side had a clear victory and many soldiers were killed those who witnessed the apparitions at Edgehill believed that they had seen a ghostly re-enactment of this battle..

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