Ghost Hunting for 12 hours At The Village In Manfield

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

The Village Mansfield also commonly known as ‘The Village of the Damned’ is an abandoned building situated in the heart of Mansfield, Nottingham-shire. Dating back to the early 1800’s, this ominous building was once a slaughterhouse before being turned into a Malt House. Mr Merry weather, who owned the Malt houses until his death in 1835, has been sighted roaming around here, and it is felt that a group of spirits said to have been held captive in one of the hidden rooms enjoy making their presence known too. The many haunting's that have occurred here have included men, women and children. Visitors to this disturbing venue have experienced full body apparitions as well as reported hearing the unsettling wails of a baby and witnessed a piano playing of its own accord. Recorded footage of whirling fog here also attracted international press during 2016, sparking more interest in the anguished building that until 2013, lay completely deserted for ten years

We stayed at The Village in Mansfield in Nottingham of England for a whole 12 hours..

This location is very interesting and proved to each of us that paranormal activity is defiantly occuring inside this great old converted barn, it is a great spot for all accounts of paranormal.

Between team members and guests we were all being effected in so kind of way, one of the guests went into a trance in one of the haunted areas while another group was getting great activity in the water room with table tipping all is on our page for you all to see it is great paranormal evidence.

The village never disappoints people and always shows great evidence of the spirits while performing table tipping it always works so well, this is the 1st place i ever witnessed table tipping the video is worth a watch i think you will all be amazed!

We used many forms of equipment one of the guests found their equipment up side down when returning to it,

Video 1: Talking to Spirits on the Ghost Box!
Video 2 Talking to Spirits on the Ghost Box

Solihull Radio joined us and filmed some great footage of the table tipping experience guest could actually see a demonic face on the table at some point you can view this all on our page is worth a check its the best iv seen to be honest.

A lot of the guests including JoanneClare was all being effected by huge waves of sickness and not feeling quite them selves this would leave them feeling dizzy and totally unbalanced!

From the last few hours there was only a few remaining on the lock down so we all returned to the most active area we found to be all night, and could not stay in one area for to long each one of us one by one got effected but Sammie it all got to much being down there for to long now i did say i would never return there again because of how it made me feel but i said that the first time it is defiantly the place to be for a paranormal experience that i will say i would return but maybe not on a full lock down it was a great night thanks to the team members and the guests they all put in a lot of energy!

A Huge Thank You to the lovely Lee Roberts for giving all the guests a guided tour

you presented yet another fantastic paranormal evening happen for us all we all had fun!

Thank you to All the guests for joining us at The Village

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