Guys cliff is situated d in Warwick in England, we arrived at this great location at 9pm where we joined Dusk Till Dawn ghost hunting  team and stayed until 3am. Guys cliff house is in a great location in Warwick its hidden entrance hides it well hidden away its got the classic old long dark drive with a great big haunted house located at the end with another house behind that as-well as caves wine sellers slaughter rooms with tunnels leading to more under ground hidden rooms. As I have abilities that helps me connect to the spirit world I never research into the history until after each event! I literally go into each location I visit blind I find it more interesting to finding the history being part of their life and their time surely makes it extra special when I start to connect with their spirit, each little bit of energy they give to try and communicate adds into a bigger picture by the end of the night im able to hear and see them, communication is such a beautiful thing and when spirits try to communicate they need a lot energy to do this so when you do it feels special not scary this is not a scary hobby to have its an interesting one a lot of people wander what happens when we die come and see for yourself if you want to know the truth that is..

we all felt seen and heard things in that room it is a very active room there were two main big chairs at both sides of the room where I think judges must of sat at and 2 of the guests were sitting in the chairs and both felt a strong presence standing over Them..


we started our investigation in the masonic temple where we all sat all spaced around the room in the pitch blackness a brief description of the building by the tour guide and caretaker of the house.


we started our investigation in the masonic temple where we all sat all spaced around the room in the pitch blackness a brief description of the building by the tour guide and caretaker of the house.

The medium for the night toke over after wards explaining what she could pick up she felt a large sharp stabbing pain in her side she stunned her for awhile, them.

This was the same room that later I also felt that stabbing sensation in my ribbing and I tell you it was very odd was like a quick large pin of electric that enters your whole body was defiantly the 1st time I had experienced that too.

I too picked up on a past loved one from 2 guests in the group as they were brother and sisters, I described her very clearly and they was able to confirm when I did this and got name to follow it off as I felt she was apart of them as a form of protection.

We then moved up stairs to another room where me and my best friend sat in the left hand corner where we both felt something but it is where she had her 1st experience she felt something on her leg which made her feeling pins and needless then it felt completely dead this stayed with her for quite while. Later the tour guide told us that there are old pictures of a man with only 1 leg the other had been amputated so that was cool that she felt and picked up that..

every one involved last night felt something and all had their own experiences they felt touches heard talking and laughing from children, I felt like something had been thrown above my head I literally felt the air as it skimmed my hair seconds after it felt like the lady standing next to me which was the medium was actually stamping her feet like she was wearing heels after turning the torches on to find she was wearing trainers was a bit of a shock..

when we were in the rooms in the bottom of the tunnel we had the K2 meters all on the floor with us all in a circle around them they were going off as we all felt something walking around us I felt so cold literally colder than a freezer as I felt air right over my shoulder it wasn't to long until I realised there was someone right behind me right over my shoulder.

The Equipment

we had several K2 meters as well I was walking around holding my own K2 meter!

Some people used the heat thermal camera which was cool to see

we used something called big ears which is like an mp3 player with ear phones its designed to pick up sounds that the ear cant with the ear piece the person can hear it clearly.

We all had our own cameras taking as much pictures as we can below you will see Those photos....


if your interested in the paranormal and are looking for a team to go out with i highly recommend dusk till dawn, they are a comfortable and easy going team there to help and guide you on any questions and will even support you to make the night and enjoyable one they also provide you with refreshments which helps you to connect with your group discussing your experiences together so far you really feel like you all know each other and its not long before you all feel at home together doing the same thing your all interested in i have been with them twice now and will be meeting them at the end of April for another event!


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