Ghost Hunting @ Kelvedon Hatch Secret Bunker


Tonight Birmingham Ghost Hunters travelled the furthest we have possibly travelled doing ghost hunting through England it was our plan from the start to investigate England and that is what we are now doing!! Tonight our Ghost Hunters visited Kelvedon Hatch secret underground nuclear bunker, and our paranormal investigators were not disappointed..

This place is absolutely amazing guys i will tell you that it sure was a secret underground bunker when we arrived we entered just a field with sign posts directed us to where we have to go without the posts we would of never of found this place at the end of the field track and i mean at the end you come to a car park the bunker is literally underneath that car park gravel.

it had a cottage that isn't really a cottage its just a cover up and under neath the cottage lies tunnels to the bunkers. We entered the cottage then went down to the tunnels which was a very eerie place as we was holding hands in the protection circle Joanne-Clare and her partner Anthony and a few other guests started to feel a presence as they turned there back on the pitch blackness behind them, Joanne started to feel very uncomfortable and couldn't turn her back to what ever was behind her, she started to feel the spirit connections of touches on her ears face tapping and pulling on the back of her jumper, All of a sudden and i mean all of a sudden joanne clare jumped and shouted at her partner because she thought he poked her in the stomach it was right above her sacral chakra which after getting through to her that it was impossible for any human being able to of done that as we were all holding hands that stunned her a little after that she started to feel very unwell down there feeling sick and dizzy unbalanced a feeling of needing to move from this area is what she actually needed which was the 1st for her wanting to leave the feeling unwell toke over everything for a second. Sammie was to at the other end of the circle she too started to feel touches on her ears and face.


We then moved to the computer room which is the photo you can see at the top of the post!

We started to set up the table with the ouiji board placed on the table Anthony and a few other guests went on the ouji while Sammie and Joanne went and investigated on their own,

they started to take photos after they heard movement around the computer key boards and talking coming from the other room attached to the computer room they started to see orbs flying around every where and they managed to catch one on camera looks like it was shooting up from the floor literally a few footsteps away from them. They both started to feel they were being watched literally right opposite them as they toke photos it isnt until looking back on them they realised that there was figures exactly as they thought watching them in the door way opposite from where they were.

They could hear growling and hissing noises all coming from the room opposite them because of this they decided to move the table with the board on it to the room they were sensing the figures to be standing in. We placed all of our equipment around the room and the other guests tried to gain energy on the board after a while we realised that the board was doing nothing really, we wasn't getting anything much with the equipment either there so we decided to move on to another area.


As we headed to the surgical room which is where they would of treated very badly injured people with hospital bed bays and body bags they used to put people in for radiation and after 3 days the body bag would actually blow up it self there was also coffins in the room with 2 other rooms attached to it there was a dormitory where workers used to sleep with another room leading to the back door of the dormitory as we placed all the equipment around us k2's our spirit vibe was placed by the door of the dormitory which picks up vibrations and motion sensor alarms us and lights up when there is activity going of in that area, Anthony decided to do an alone vigil in the side room that leads to the dormitory they were to go in the room together and try some scrying experiments which is staring in a mirror while holding an infrared torch which can bring energy into the mirror and the spirit is able to show his face, this wasn't successful to any of them.

Anthony then for some reason decided to walk around to the bottom end of the door leading to the dormitory as he tried to open the door to get to where we were all standing he could not open the door there was a tiny little gap in the door after seeing through the window to where we were standing he seen and felt something in there that he will never forget and as much as his trying right now he cant get his head around the fact that what he seen and felt there was nothing but terrifying to him he seen walking past all us lot coming out of the sick bay a black figure literally walking towards him as the figure caught his eye he panicked true horror trying to get out of that room he managed to squeeze through a tiny little gap which i was in shock watching it looked scarying watching him and just ran from the area of the door right to the other side of the room what he had experienced in that room in his own words was true horror and fear, he said not only did he see the figure walking towards him he heard something in the dormitory with him he could hear movement towards the back and he describes as what he felt was true fear and horror and needed to get out of the area very fast..

After this experience Anthony did not want to be left alone which isnt like him he wanted to get evidence but here i think he had enough of the evidence..

We have done some Live video and a few videos on the full spectrum camera i do warn you there is a few swear words in the video its strictly 18 only's, my partner decided to run off from me i was left behind so i shouted at him a little for that one....

We had all planned to stay over until 9am in the morning on a full lock down but i can assure you all the guests including our selves had completely had enough of our paranormal experience we were all drained and ready to go at 3;30am one lad and his mom was going to stay alone there they soon decided to leave and go home also the place surely does provide a paranormal experience there was a time in the investigation there was that much activity going off from everywhere all around us it was quite shocking...

We really did enjoy this location and it is a location we will be re-visiting in the near future..



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