Intelligent Human Hauntings

Ghosts who have not yet crossed over, have unfinished business, or are too emotionally attached to a person or place and cant move on are classified as intelligent human haunting's.

They linger for a reason. They are trying to get your Attention.

These entities can interact with humans and sometimes do so in a spectacular fashion.

Look for these signs of an intelligent haunting:

•Objects disappear then reappear in impossible places

•Cold spots and the strong sense of a presence or someone watching

•Strange unexplained sounds

•Furniture and small objects are moved - sometimes even thrown

•Doors and windows open and close

•Lights, televisions, radios, and faucets turn on and off on their own

These apparitions have a mission to complete and they are looking for assistance

Possibly your assistance, If the ghost is interactive and trying to communicate,

It is most definitely an intelligent human haunting.

Reasons for an Intelligent Haunting:

Sometimes this sort of haunting occurs shortly after a friend or loved one dies.

It is as if he is trying to comfort or communicate with those left behind.

In this sort of paranormal investigation, a certain protocol should be followed to ascertain the true circumstances of the case, This is explored more fully in the next section.

The highest concentrations of paranormal activity can be found where there has been a great deal of human suffering and pain, trauma, or any other strong emotion, such as fear or desperation.

Surprisingly, cemeteries aren't that high on the list, but prisons, sanitariums, and hospitals are.

How to Proceed:

Talk to the witnesses, Listen carefully and take notes.

The witnesses reports of what has transpired will quickly determine whether you are dealing with a residual haunting or an intelligent one.

Intelligent haunting's without a human component have been documented.

These types of haunting's would most accurately be termed poltergeists.

They are not human, but they still seem to have an agenda they wish to accomplish and they are most definitely interactive.

In fact, most of the time far too much so.

Animals that become attached to a location or person can also be interactive and thus termed intelligent haunting's , This is particularly true of pets, such as cats and dogs.

In intelligent's haunting's the entity retains the personality and appearance of the deceased person or animal,

Sometimes, strangely,

they even appear wearing the same clothing they were wearing before passing over.

When an entity is strongly attached to a specific site, person, or object,

It may try to protect it.

This is a common occurrence, After all, when a person dies, he may not even realise it.

If he has lived in a house for years, he may refuse to leave it even after he has passed on.

He may think the new residents are trespassers and may naturally try to scare them into leaving.

Dangerous Entities:

You should steer clear of demonic, intelligent haunting's with a score to settle,

And sometimes even elemental's, it is widely believed that ghosts can't harm you,

But even paranormal investigators who have taken every safety precaution and prepared themselves in every way should be prepared to meet an entity that will cause them to retreat.

A Ghost Hunter's well known phrase is:

"When in doubt,

Get the hell out"!

Did the movie The Conjuring really happen?

The conjuring is loosely based on the experiences of the Perron family

while living in an isolated farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island, In the 1970's.

Although the house and its inhabitants were the focus of paranormal events,

The movie was a dramatisation of actual events.

It is possible to sustain physical, mental, or emotional harm in the course of an investigation.

Be cautious, careful, and respectful.

Be aware that, on rare occasions, bad things can happen to good investigators.

A later chapter will discuss steps you should take to protect yourself,

and safety procedures you should follow.

The entities in inhuman haunting's, also known as demons or elementals,

Are powerful forces of unknown origin, These entities may try to harm or possess humans.

They can be a serious threat and gave caused harm and even death.

They are not in the same class as the entities of intelligent human haunting's,

Commonly called ghosts, or the memory remnants of the residual haunting.

They are far more powerful and dangerous.

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