Lets Look at the Demons with the Letter B

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Today iv chosen Demons as a good subject for learning wisdom here are a few of them with the letter B..


Baphomet symbol of the satanic goat.

Baphomet is portrayed as a half-human, half-goat figure, or a goat head.

The orgin of the name Baphomet is unclear, it may be a corruption of Mahomet or Muhammad.

The English occult historian Montague Summers suggested it was a combination of two Greek words, Baphe and Metis, or "absorption of knowledge." Baphomet has also been called the Goat of Mendes, the Black Goat, and the Judas Goat.

In the middle ages, Baphomet was believed to be an idol, represented by a human skull, a stuffed human head, or a metal or wooden human head with curly black hair.

The idol was said to be worshipped by the Order of the knights Templar as their source of fertility and wealth. The best-known representation of Baphomet is a drawing by the 19th-century French magician Eliphas Levi, called the Baphomet of Mendes.

Levi combined elements of the Tarot Devil card and the he-goat worshipped in antiquity in Mendes, Egypt, which was said to fornicate with its women followers-as the church claimed the Devil did with witches.

The church of Satan, founded in 1966 in San Francisco, adopted a rendition of Baphomet to symbolise Satanism. The symbol is a goat's head drawn within an inverted pentacle, enclosed in a double circle.

In the outer circle, Hebraic figures at each point in the pentagram spell out LEVIATHAN,

A huge water serpent DEMON associated with the Devil.

A Fallen Angel & Demon
BAAL (Fallen Angel & Demon)

An agricultural and Fertility deity of Canaan turned into a Fallen Angel and a Demon.

Many minor deities of ancient Syria and Persia carried the name Baal, which means "the Lord".

The greatest Baal was the son of EL, the high God of Canaan.

He was the Lord of Life and rules the death-rebirth cycle.

He engaged in a battle with Mot (death) and was slain and sent to the under world.

The crops withered, until Baal's sister, Anath, the maiden goddess of love,

Found his body and gave it proper burial.

The Canaanites worshipped Baal by sacrificing children by burning.

According to the Zohar, Baal is equal in rank to the Archangel Raphael.

Baal is the first of the 72 SPIRITS OF SOLOMON.

He is a king ruling in the east and governs 66 legions of Demons,

He is triple-headed, with a cat's head and a toad's head on each side of his human head.

He speaks hoarsely and imparts invisibility and wisdom.

Beelzebub prince of demons

Beelzebub The prince of demons, Beelzebub, originally an idol of the Canaanites,

Means "Lord of the Flies". The name is a distortion of Baal-zebul, the chief Canaanite or Phoenician god, meaning "Lord of the Divine Abode" or "Lord of the Heavens".

Beelzebub manifests either as a gigantic, ugly fly or as a monstrous being of great height on a giant throne. In the latter guise, he has a swollen face and chest, huge nostrils, horns, bat wings, duck feet, a lion's tail, and a covering of thick black hair.

Beelzebub has been a feared and formidable demon from the earliest accounts of him.

He was the prince of Demons in Hebrew belief at the time of Jesus.

The pharisees accused Jesus of exorcising demons in beelzebub's name, for according to belief, the power to expel unclean spirits was gained through pacts with demons.

In the pseudepigraphical text the Testament of Solomon, Beelzebub, or Beelzeboul, is the prince of Demons and is controlled by King Solomon with the help of his magical ring.

Solomon orders Beelzebub to explain the manifestation of demons, and he promises to give to the king all unclean spirits bound. He tells Solomon that he lives in the Evening Star (Venus).

He alone is the prince of Demons because he was the highest-ranking angel in heaven and is the any one left of the heavenly angels who fell.

He was accompanied by another Fallen Angel, Abezethibou, who was cast into the Red sea.

Abezethibou will return in triumph when he is ready, Beelzebub says.

Solomon orders him to summon abezethibou, but Beelzebub refuses to present any demon.

Beelzebub also was among the demons blamed for demonic possession cases, among them Nicole Obry in Laon, France, in 1566, and the bewitchment of nuns in the Loudun possessions and Aix-En-Povence possession in France in the late 16th and earty 17th centuries, leading to the executions of his accused lieutenants, Fathers Louis Gaufridi and Urbain Grandier.

One of the demon's most notorious acts was the Earling possession, in the eartly 20th century in Earling, Lowa. Beelzebub entered young Anna Ecklund at the behest of her father, Jacob in retaliation for not engaging in incestuous sex with him.

The Demon left on December 23, 1928, in a terrible roar of "Beelzebub, Judas, Jacob,

Mina (Anna's aunt and Jacob's mistress)" followed by "Hell Hell Hell" and a terrible stench.

Beelzebub rules fluttony, the fifth of the seven deadly sins.


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