In 1845 in the city of Fall River. Massachusetts, an ordinary house was constructed on an ordinary street. Years later, the property at 92 Second Street because the home of the Borden family, and the scene of two brutal hatchet murders. The famous address is now known as the Lizzie Borden House, and is named after the main suspect in the most shocking crime of its time. Since the grisly events of 4 August 1882, Paranormal activity has been reported in the house, and it has become a major tourist attraction as a result..


Andrew and Sarah Borden lived in their home with their two daughters Lizzie and Emma, and their housekeeper Bridget Sullivan. Sarah, Andrew Borden's first wife, soon past away, leaving her children heartbroken. After their mother's death, Lizzie and Emma grew distant from their father and the family soon became full of conflict and bitterness. Andrew Borden married a kind woman named Abby, which angered his children further. Shortly after their wedding, Andrew decided to distribute his estate among the family members, leaving Emma and Lizzie furious that their father was giving away their inheritance. Tensions grew and the house became divided, with Andrew and Abby living in one part of the house, and the Borden sisters in the other.


On the morning of 4 August 1892, Abby Borden was assisting Sullivan with the household's chores by making up the bed in the guest bedroom. Suddenly, she was struck from behind with a hatchet, not once, but 40 times. The stepmother's mutilated body was left on the floor, bloody and lifeless, and when Andrew returned home, he met the same fate. He was brutally struck with the same weapon 41 times, hacked into with such force that his left eyeball popped out of his head and was sliced clean in half. Just after 11.00am, Lizzie discovered the dead body of her father and called to Sullivan for help. Moments later, Sullivan found the body of Abby. The police arrived and the investigation began. Despite being related to the victims, Lizzie's dark and sinister demeanour quickly marked her out as the prime suspect. She was known as often being mean and spiteful, leaving those close to her to question her morals and sanity. She was arrested, but with only motive and no tangible evidence found she was acquitted and released to a community which ostracised her and viewed her with suspicion and people for years, and though Lizzie was cleared of the murder charges, this playground chant shows the public's feeling on the case.

Lizzie Borden took an axe

And gave her mother forty whacks.

And when she saw what had done.

She gave her father forty-one.



Since the bloody Borden murders, the Lizzie Borden House has reportedly been haunted.

The paranormal activity has invited psychics and investigators to the house in search of evidence of ghostly going's on. The house , which has since been renovated into a bed and breakfast hotel, has left guests and staff members frightened after witnessing strange occurrences. Some claim to have heard the sound of a woman weeping in one of the guest rooms. Other's claim to have seen the ghost of Abby Borden, dressed in Victorian clothing, straightening out the covers on beds this frightening experience has happened while guests were still in their beds. Some guests have reported hearing conversations in the house when they were the only ones there. Others say they heard the sounds of footsteps running up and down the stairs when they were alone.

On some occasions, guests said they even saw shoes moving across the floor. Doors in the house have been known to open and close of their own accord and lights flicker suddenly.

One cynical guest who was staying at the bed and breakfast hotel, claimed that he had seen the outline of a person on his bed. What was spooky is that the room he was staying in was the very same room that Abby Borden was murdered in. Shocked, he went downstairs to find his wife. His wife was alarmed when she saw her husband pale and shaken. He told her what he had seen and they returned to the haunted room together, and found the bed made up perfectly with no sign of the ghost. It seems as though the restless spirits of Andrew and Abby Borden haunt the house that they lived and died in.


The Borden house has been the focal point of many paranormal investigations.

Some investigators claim that the house has cold spots that they believe to be caused by spirits.

In some photos taken, strange shapes and shadows appeared that were not seen by the naked eye. Many orbs have also been captured on camera from different parts of the house. In one photo, a ghostly mist covered the painting above the sofa where Andrew Borden was murdered. Some physics have said that they believe that Lizzie was subjected to incest by her father and sought revenge on him and his wife. Other people have said that Lizzie had tried previously to poison her family which has since been proven to be true. It came to light that Lizzie had been trying to buy highly poisonous and illegal prussic acid which she would use on her parents.

Before their deaths, both Abby and Andrew had been unwell, complaining of vomiting and fever. When psychics have entered Lizzie's room they noted the feeling of pain, anger and oppressiveness. One lady said that she and her friends heard an unknown voice welcoming them into the home. After entering the house they went straight to Lizzie's room where guests reported their bed vibrating during the night and their door slamming. They felt sudden dread, a common feeling of those who entered the chilling room. After a seance, the group of investigators smelt a strong smell of tobacco that suddenly filled the room. They routinely placed camera and recording equipment in all the rooms. On a tape recorder that was placed in Lizzie's room there was a clear sound of a woman giggling. this startled the investigators as when Andrew and Abby Borden's bodies were found,the maid noted that Lizzie was giggling..

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