Meeting A Fallen Angel..

This is a personal experience of my own..

This happened at the beginning in my early stages as a paranormal investigator,

I had worked with Energy and the spiritually world for my years before this but had never dealt or experienced anything from the darkness this was my 1st, they say all paranormal investigators have a personal experience with a demonic entity this was a little more dramatic than that this was with a fallen Angel, like angels but they are the ones that was thrown out of heaven.

It all started when i started to get drawn to a certain location i don't often visit the same place over and over although there is places i do this to gain more information, this place was different it was like it kept calling me back and back, i would attend this location every week!

Then One day it was 2 days before i had planned to visit I had the strangest vision in my dreams one that i will never forget..


I seen myself entering a location with stairs then i walked into a big open room with chairs in the middle something got my attention in the corner of the room at 1st i could just seen a black mass i watched in front of me the black mass form into a figure this figure had long thin bat like legs and feet very tall had a bat body with a bat head and huge i mean huge black bat wings, as me and this creature locked on eyes his eyes where glaring at me red glow in the dark eyes it was so scary to even look at this figure then flew at me with super sonic speed right into my stomach it totally toke my breath away i literally woke up gasping for my breath it was so frightening i was so scared to go to sleep where i feel safe the most.

This picture is the closest iv found to the image i seen


Regardless what i could feel and what i could see in my visions 2 day's before i knew i shouldn't of gone but i did i still went along as planned, This would be an experience that stopped me attending the location completely after this event i couldn't wait to get out of there quick enough and people that know me well know that it must of been bad for me not to go back.

As i was sitting quietly listening to any movement or if i could see anything in the corners of the room that i had seen, i started to see this black like mass moving around me behind me is as if it was crawling all over me i felt so anxious and i knew something different was going to happen that hadn't before, As i was in a safe environment at the time i was surrounded by people that had more experience of trance work i felt completely safe to letting the spirit take control and communicate through me so to speak i had no idea it shake me up to the core!

As i started to slip into a trance the last thing i remember is my breathing it was so deep and so loud all i could hear was my breathing then my heart was beating loud then it felt like i was being relaxed, the next thing so i was told by my partner who witnessed the whole thing that i was trying to get up out the chair hitting people screaming so loud it toke over 5 people to hold me down to the chair i had bruises to prove that the next day!

As the trance medium was calling my name back slowly saying Joanne only hear my voice come back now over and over i slowly came back i was physically frightened to look up as i heard her saying look at me now open your eyes i swear i was so physically scared to open my eyes as i could see this creature standing over me shouting at me your weak your weak i felt exactly like a child not looking up when at someone telling you off for doing something wrong...

When i came round all i wanted to do is cry and kept saying i need to get out i need to see my kids honestly this shock my whole being spiritually and mentally 3 weeks i was stuck with this attachment until i finally said that's it iv had enough you will not hang around me i had help from a very good shamanic friend who kindly removed it for me!

At the time this was relevant for it to happen to me i was studying Demonology and was learning about all the different demons which ones to look out for as a paranormal investigator.

I had never really questioned Fallen Angels Demons and Entity's of the darkness it all shocked me as i seen it all before it happened as if i was being warned of the whole event by my angels and spirit guides but i didn't listen, i questioned why they would let that happen to me over time its taught me that it's simple i just didn't listen to their warning, it could of eased a lot of pain i went through over the following weeks i looked like death just like all the energy had been sucked out of me all the energy i had was to sit and stare into space i was zombified!


Hell yes i did the whole experience was a good and bad one!

This fallen Angel i contacted was a very high ranking Demon one who works closer with the prince of darkness he was wise very wise and ancient i felt that i felt totally below him even with him being a demon, he didn't harm me in any way he just showed me that i needed to have more strength than that if i wanted to do this work i needed to feel both good and bad negative and positive this creature was once an angel and i felt that he didn't want to hurt me he kind of wanted me to strengthen myself kept saying it over and over you need to be stronger than this and he was totally right he showed me past things i had kept buried deep down in my heart he brought them to the surface so i could finally face them head on and be stronger in myself..

It was all a good learning curve for me one that was needed to be a stronger investigator i'am no longer scared that easy i will explore areas that not a lot will go to it has defiantly made me stronger...

I have since then learnt and released a lot of things that i no longer need to worry about it did take time which things to sometimes require time to heal, this in a way taught me a lot about myself and where i wanted to be it nearly stopped me as things like like mainly do, but i decided to carry on it is the spirits good and bad that have taught me everything i no and i now that they did that all for a higher purpose, i'm not scared of trance even if it does happen it is for the reason of passing over information from the spirit world it just takes a lot of energy out of me..


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