The building opened its doors in September 1874 as an orphanage for children of Seaman, it was

called The Liverpool Seaman’s Orphan Institution. The priority was education and from 1892 the boys’ school, and 1898 the girls’ school were opened inside the building, and by 1899 there were 321 orphans housed there under the strict supervision of matrons. There have been accounts of a spirit of a little boy on the top floor landing, dubbed as ‘the naughty boys corridor’, it is a long dark corridor with small cupboards on either side and is thought that a little boy was placed in

one of the cupboards as a punishment and when the teachers returned the following morning he has passed away. It was said conditions were harsh and cruel and siblings were seperated.

After the First World War over 1000 orphans resided here. The orphange was closed in 1949 due to financial difficulties.

In 1954 Newsham Park Hospital was opened, the hospital had its own psychiatric department and had a huge amount of patients with severe mental health problems, the hospital stopped taking in patients 1988.

In 1992 the closure of Rainhill Lunatic Asylum forced Newsham to take in patients and it then became an asylum to some of the most mentally unstable patients. The building was finally closed in 1998 and has lay derelict since. There are still wheel chairs and beds within the buildings long dark corridors and spooky rooms, nurses rooms are still there and mortuary fridges exist as a reminder of the lives lost there.

There has been many reports of hauntings within the building, as said above the little boy on the ‘naughty boys corridor’, shadow figures on Ward G and people feeling uneasy when entering the basement. Voices have been heard and workmans tools have gone missing.


At our time at Newsham Park Asylum there seemed to be energy in the building without having any electric in the building was pretty cool! We seen the K2 meters flashing up to the amber light we heard foot steps, moans and groans, talking froma distance,  tickles on our legs and back of the neck, sam also got her hair pulled at one point, it wasnt a threatening feeling we felt we were being watched from every angle but it didn't feel a complete negative energy there on our visit all though we was told that this was a very quiet night for Newsham so may be we went on a day that the spirits of Newsham was on holiday!!  we did have a great night with a great bunch of people and Newsham is defiantly a location that Haunted Soul Hunters will be re-visiting again in the near future..


From the minute we arrived at Newsham i was absolutely taken in by the building it is absolutely amazing with the tall steeple of the building makes it look that extra scary it reaches so high the building is massive the biggest iv ever seen apart from the castles!

As soon as i got out of the car and literally stepped near the building i started to feel a mixture of emotions between confusion, sadness, sacredness, and anger. I started to pick up on children's emotions of waiting for their dads to return as most where left there were seaman went off to see and the moms ran off with other men while waiting for them to return the children got put in the orphanage while waiting for their parent to return to collect them some never returned so some of those children had to stay there until they was older enough to fend for themselves.

As a sensitive that effected me a little, i started to pick up on sickness also i felt sick to the stomach had pains in my belly as if i had just had surgery in my pelvis area! which i could actually smell surgical smalls as we started to enter the morgue and the area where they would perform postmortems there was also a place in the corner where they used to burn the bodies, this surely is not a good place to be in the feeling is like something is about to happen i would not of liked to be down in that area on my own thats all im saying.. As soon as we entered that area i could hear talking coming from an area attached to the morgue as i walked in there to see what it was i noticed it was just a wash room.

Sam went and stood on her own in the corridor and felt an over whelming feeling of someone standing behind her before long she could hear talking right over her ear as if there was a group of people standing behind her the K2 meter was flashing the whole time by the door way where she was, she didnt stay there long with the feeling of a group of people in the room with her not just 1 or 2.




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