Private House Haunting Investigation..

On our visit to a new Poltergeist reported case we filmed 3 videos live on Facebook which strangely only recorded 2 videos the main video i did was a tour of this house whilst filming John found a strange bone in the garden which shocked the owner!

Above is the pictures of the bone if anyone knows what kind of bone this is please feel free to message us and let us know.

There was 5 of us there and instantly of entering the house we all started to get effected with pain in our heads felt like some one was crushing our heads from both sides which was interesting as we all picked up on it as we all complained, whilst walking round from room to room we all started to feel energy in the rooms, all of us were all being drawn to different areas of the house whilst everyone was being drawn outside Vicky and Joanne was the only ones in the house at the time they heard footsteps right above their head so they quickly ran upstairs the area upstairs is very strange indeed, as we walked from room to room spending a little time calling out and introducing myself to the spirits there it wasn't long before a connection was made to Joanne she started to pick up on the lady of the house who passed away a few years ago, Vicky also started to pick up on sickness symptoms. As we moved from room to room Malcolm picked up on the hall way was so long it literally goes no where and the wall connecting to the toy room is a lot shorter than the hall way wall which is odd as i went in the toy room it definitely felt strange in there one of the huge teddy bears as soon as Steph seen was in totally shock after her telling us that she literally seen a teddy in her minds eye earlier on before entering this property and the teddy was moving and someone was hiding behind it, i was completely gob smacked as Steph is a sceptic and very rarely picks anything up like that so i'm very happy that steph is now opening up a little more to spirit.

The toy room is where we all picked up on children in the house and could sense them running up and down the stairs every now and then, which the owner had reported in an interview a while after about hearing what sounded like children running up and down the stairs can be heard quite regular at night.

All of our equipment that seemed to not want to work everything we was putting out was completely being drained really quickly, but the ones we did have out was our little pyramid response which picks up on negative and positive energies when something passes that it notifies us and flashes either green for positive or red for negative and yes as we placed that on the stairs it was going off flashing red every now and then when no one was near it.

As Joanne-Clare was interviewing the owner of the house which you can view on our you tube videos he actually confirmed a lot on what we were all picking up in the house,

Steph and Mal was in the front lounge which hasn't been used since the lady of the house passed away before long we were able to confirm this was the room she used to sit in and hasn't been used since all of her things were all around the room still which was amazing for connecting to her, we had the ovilus placed on fire place in the other lounge that is used daily we could also see some cctv on the front of the house so mainly we used that as our base room.

As i picked up the ovilus and started to look at the names and words that was being spelled out on the screen, i noticed it was now being drained which i have never seen before the ovilus doesnt really get drained but the words ashes on the side got our attention so i walked in the lounge where steph and mal were sitting and said "Is there ashes on the fire place there Steph"?

she replied "omg oh yes there is and i have just seen a lovely light orb coming from the fire place"!

Once again steph was sitting right beside the fire place and noticed a light orb come from the area of the ashes she said it was lovely to watch it didnt come flying out and didnt come out straight it came out nice and slowly and seemed to be slowing and stopping and went in the opposite direction, i think the orb was ment to be seen by steph here as it went really slowly to get her attention.

The spirits did seem to be a little afraid of us dont think it was because we was investigating in sun light as we all picked up on the virtually the same things here, i do believe its because the house hasnt been investigated before, so this was a good chance on us introducing ourselves to the spirits there hoping when we go back at night time they will know we dont mean them any harm.

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