Stanley Place..


This place is amazing it is the most haunted house in Chester..

On my arrival to Stanley i started to pick up on the house and some of the energies attached to the house, i felt a little girl mainly and a male just walking up and down up stairs and on the stair case

We first started investigating in the main hall area which leads to the stair case and the stair case is the most active area you can hear bangs and moving of furniture from up stairs along with the big heavy footsteps that your guaranteed to hear. It wasn't to long after calling out to the spirits in the house before we could hear footsteps coming from up above us, we then split up in 2 groups our group went up stairs while the other group headed for the Queen Anne's room.

While we went upstairs and set our equipment up in the active areas, the group down stairs started to connect to James Stanley who got betrayed by his servant who was hiding and planning his escape route he was planning top escape through the underground tunnels underneath the house the entrance to that area is the main hall where we started located just by the fire case.

He only stays upstairs he never actually comes down the stairs or does he ?

he is still re tracing his steps and replaying his escape route over and over again..

The group in the Queen Anne's room asked for James or the children of the house to make them selves known to us, while our group was up stairs with the K2 on the table we was all touching the K2 asking the children to play a game and copy us and our motion touching the K2, this exercise was so effected it wasnt before long the K2 was flashing right up to red just after one of the guest did, i started to see movement just under the piano and in the that area leading in to the next room which was a large hall with a stage and tables where we headed to next to attempt the ouiji board which wasn't very successful in that room, all though after reviewing photos of a window in that area it looks like something is manifesting there and if you zoom in on the photos you can see the figures very clearly. I toke photo of the piano area also and i can see what looks like a baby crawling underneath the piano.


When some of the guests went home 9 of us was left on the lock down until 5;30am.

4 of us headed up stairs on our own as i placed a rem pod on the piano and the EDI on the floor where we heard the footsteps we all started to take photos of areas where we felt drawn to Sammie had the thermal camera and started to pick up cold spots on it, its in the same area where we 1st saw movement at the start of our investigation. it was very strange i have to say we checked the area and seen a pipe just below checked if it was on and it was warm so that area should of been warmer not colder!!

We went back down stairs leaving all the equipment on and running,

the team members came to sit with us as we turned the lights down and danny one the team started to challenge the spirits in the house, we started to hear the rem pod going off upstairs the sound it was making was coming from the antenna when you touch it, it makes the same sound it was doing it in a pattern which was cool then we started to hear the heavy footsteps above us.

As soon as danny started to tell us about him leaving a doll that is haunted by a witch under the stairs for 3 months he started explaining may be this house has been effected by it all, the children of the house did seem to be a bit scared and would literally hide in the house.

Danny played us some ghost box sessions around the doll and it fully says the witches name and where it came from, Danny then thought it was a good idea to put the ghost box on at Stanley to see if anything comes through he fully apologised for bringing the doll to Stanley Place.

When we turned the ghost box on the rem box upstairs still going off, we started to hear someone saying you brought a box in here and put in under the stairs its a witch and said the witch's name..

This was actually freaking most of the team members out they was not comfortable talking about the witch or the doll they just wanted to forget the whole thing and leave the area the feeling that came with this was so uncomfortable.

There was a temperature pod placed in the Queen Anne's room that was flashing to indicate there was a major temperature change in that area, We got the sls camera out then that maps the area and draws a stick man when a figure is formed, it wasn't long before a figure was standing in the door way pointing up stairs then pointed in to the Queen Anne's room which was very spooky.

We then noticed the time which was 5am which was a shock because it was still active at 5am even more so than when we started the investigation..

Stanley Place is very active day or night which is how i thought it would be in the most haunted house in Chester, if you stay here long enough you will witness some paranormal activity...

please view our youtube video to see all the thermal images we took


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