Steal House Lane Lock Up

Joanne Clare joined another team on investigating Steal House Lane lock up As soon as i got into the location i noticed shadows on the middle level as the host was explaining the history of the building when it was build and info about any hauntings they have reported up to date, This is the place where the peak blinders and the famous monster Fred West was held before being sentenced. i could see figures moving about through the cells on the middle floor doors started banging as we started investigating, i had connected to a lady and a male gentlemen before arriving as soon as i entered the ladies section i started to smell surgical smells, i also did my 1st alone visual for about 30 minutes in the cell and seen a huge figure behind the cell door i seen his head at the top of the ceiling could not see his feet on the ground they were about an inch off the ground so i toke it as he was hanging behind the cell door when he was found, next to the figure sitting literally on the toilet area was 2 people i could see then more actually joined them to a cluster of people around this area, one actually looked like he was reading the news paper as he was sitting on the toilet. i could hear scratching noises behind me as i sitting on the bed in the corner of the room, i called other people to come and see what i could see also and they could the long figure behind the cell door was actually moving his arms. when we went to do an investigation in the ladies section there was only 3 cells open there and there was a table in the middle of the room, In the most haunted episode they had that table moving towards the cells so i thought this would be a good chance to see if we could too. we all sat around the table there was about 5 of us and started to try communication using automatic writing this did'nt work much as the table started vibrating and moving we decided to focus on getting the energy to move the table and before long it sure did do that the table completely shifted so fast and violently across the other side of the door and banged on the cell door trapped one of the guests and hurt his long at this point also!! We then asked the spirit to take the table and tramp someone in the cell where you was take us to where you are now which cell and yes before long the spirit trapped the skeptic in the cell.. my conclusion of steal house lane is it haunted yes it defiantly holds a lot energy and when your near the cells you start feeling of a presence behind you and over your shoulder! My attention was mainly being drawn to the underground tunnels that run under the cells and lead out right to the court rooms but unfortunately that was locked to the public. i did look down the tunnels through the windows and what i could see was fascinating and drawing my attention in even further, i feel there was and is a lot of energy down those tunnels and after wards getting told that a lot of people lost their lives down there i was not surprised at all.. we are going to be returning in september with the most haunted medium Chris Conway so stay tunned guys its going to be another great night


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