The Haunted Antiques Research Centre..

Updated: May 21, 2019

The Haunted Antiques centre is situated in Hickley of England, The whole building is filled with lovely antiques and spirit attachment's items some were out and some where locked under glass, we spent the whole 12 hours at this great location it is a new paranormal location on the market so not much history of haunting's as yet, although the building is gathering energy from positive to negative. From the minute we started our investigation there and was just doing a walk around before guest's arrived as we was setting up the equipment was working instantly as we turned it all on.

Neil the owner of the building was in the base room all the time watching the CCTV. He was able to see the whole room and was able to tell us what he could see as we could see nothing but pitch blackness. It was'nt before long we all started to see things going on around us one of the guests got drawn to the rocking chair where she started to feel alsorts of emotions rushing through her, and then the clown that was hanging on the ceiling started to swing, soon gave us a jump when a dolls head flew off a doll and rolled right by her foot, thats when we grabbed neil and asked him where this doll was stationed, after finding out that the doll was up right in a dolls crib we all was shocked how the head flew off with some force!

As we moved on to the next room this area is where all the negative items are kept there was some dead wax masks which are taken from time of death, there was very old ouiji and spirit boards antique tarot cards, there was also an item made out of wax said to hold an evil spirit inside was kept under glass we had a chance on holding the wax item and it surely did give each and everyone holding it felt strange while holding it. We all started to smell an over powering smell of poo surrounding us all When we moved on the seance room it all started to take an even more different change of atmosphere, as we all sat round the table in the middle of the room with the light completely off and just sitting in complete darkness, one of the guests started to slip into a trance state which has never happened to her before she had not even been to a ghost hunt never mind tranced before, as we all supported her she was able to pass over some very intresting information from a little girl who stated she was here to find her lost doll after her describing the doll in good detail we was able to pin point the doll which was funny enough placed in the area where the wax in the glass was and where most of the activity is coming from..

This place is a very interesting place it had us all in amazement and noticed how the time flew while we was in there..

Its worth a visit give neil a call he will be happy to invite you to look round his building he holds it well with pride and very professional it wont leave you disappointed!

Below are a few photos taken on the night..

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