The Spiritus House

This fabulous building is situated in Evesham of England

Our visit at the Spiritus House was very interesting last night from the minute we walked in the building taps bangs and even voices was heard very clearly, we had 2 of our mediums on site also which both of them was being effected by a very angry spirit 24hrs before the investigation during the whole investigation they both was bouncing off each other with information.

Down in the cellar we got a lot of activity its where it all begun really, As the guest were on the ouiji board talking to a spirit man sammie and jo were on the stairs and could see as clear as day a big tall figure standing at the top of the stairs the motion sensors that was at the top of the stairs by the cellar door was going off which was very interested as it was the area a figure was seen, the door was rattling also like someone was trying to get in or out!!

Claire actually picked up on an angry tall black male then she picked up a little boy around the age of 9 the boy was a victim to the tall black guys crimes and sadly lost his life down in the cellar where we was at the time. We tried to connect through the ouiji board but got interrupted by one of the guest going into trance we spoke to the man for a short time we couldnt get much out of him apart from swear words he was very angry and trying to attack everyone especially Joanne he seemed to hate her even told her he wanted to kill her at one point. All the team members had to hold the spirit back it was trying to launch at everyone that was in his way, after around 15 minutes after she came back to her self one of our investigators filmed that and will upload it shortly for you all to see the lady completely changed she went bright red like she was burning.

As we had a little break and some fresh air especially the lady who went into trance.

we returned to the seance room where it got even more interesting we could all see figures coming from the doctors room right up to the cellar there seem to be a lot of activity around the cabinet that was situated opposite the cellar door the mirror on the side nearly fell off at one point there was lots of movement and creaks on the cabinet like someone was leaning on it, we put the lady grids on that area and could all see figures moving across it.

We could all see a lady wearing Victorian clothes and the tall man again was walking backwards and forwards we could hear a lady and mans voice speaking in the distance, when we was up stairs noises taps and bangs were going on in the cellar and vise versa.

While we are all talking about what we all could feel sense and see, the lady slipped into trance another time this 2nd time seemed to be very stronger than the last the spirit didnt want to back down the minute he came through kept looking at Joanne saying fuck off i will kill you, joanne started to spray her with lavender aura spray he seemed to calm down with that.

The spirit was asking for the lady of the shop who was there was us at the time and she was able to help us take the lady out of the building completely after a few minutes she came back round looking even more drained than the 1st time!

The group coped very well together here and proved that they work very well together..

i have uploaded a few of our photos from last night!

Photos by Stephaine Rees



Joanne and Claire both picked up on an angry tall dark man charging through the building with big black eyes after them both looking at a photo above the fire place they realised they could see the owner of the building many years ago still charging through the building very angry of a crime that was committed so many years ago. The lady who managed to trance twice in one night confirmed that we was talking to the exact angry spirit that was seen charging through the house and was seen to all of us a few times through the night.

We would like to thank all the guests for all your time and energy and hope to see you all very soon in the near future, dont forget our next event is at the end of march at yet another fantastic location...

And a huge thank you to Team BGH you all worked very hard last night and each and everyone of you was even so tuned in to the energy this evening iam very proud of you all

written by JoanneClare

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