understanding abilites strengthens abitites..

Every one on the planet has abilities one way or another they is always something deep inside yourself what your really best at the most, no one is gifted and no one is special we was all born the same in that way, spiritually abilities can happen to anyone that gives it enough time and focus, you can strengthen anything you put your mind to..

See below all the senses in your body all these senses covers your chakra points of the body!

A Medium is a person who has the ability to communicate to deceased also known as Spirits.

The growth of spiritualism dates back to the mid 19th-century.

At this period, because of the romantic movement in art and literature, there was a strong interest in the supernatural, the Gothic and horror stories of all kinds.

It was thought that the spirits of the dead could teach the living about a higher plane of existence,

And that they could act as 'Spirit Guides',

Giving us moral and practical advice about our lives.

It was also believed that the spirits them selves were continuing to develop and improve in the afterlife, so that they came nearer to the state of 'Infinite Intelligence'.

Infinite Intelligence is how spiritualist describe God,

As a moving Force in the Universe,

Expressed through the wonder and beauty of the natural world around us.

It is not unusual to have all of these senses,

And all of us are born with at least one,

Once you recognise which one,

You can choose to develop it more to gain a better understanding how it works for you..

Others will develop over time and you may find the one you first started with starts to lessen slightly..

It hasn't disappeared or gone away do not worry..

But taken a back seat for awhile so you can strengthen other areas of your psychic development.


Hearing sounds from Spirit - Voices - Songs, Tapping - Knocks - bangs etc..


Information that is gained from a person and receiving it via imagery..

This can include future and passed events and situations of the client..


The ability in smelling unusual odours that originate from the spirit being.

Clair sentient:

Is the ability feeling emotions from the living and from the spiritual world


The ability of the all time knowing..


The ability of taste that comes spirit..

Having the taste of something in your mouth that is not come from a physical source.


The ability of impression gained from connecting with the energy of an object belonging to a person.


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