White Ladies Priory..

Name of Location: The White Ladies Priory


Destrict: Wolverhampton, England, uk

Birmingham Ghost Hunters visited The White Ladies Priory for the 1st time, we was all taken back by the long eerie walk through the woods to get to the priory it surely is situated in place where you should never go alone it has a very spooky vibe to it with old looking trees where all the branches twiddle into each other making the path your on feel very closed in you can feel eyes all over you while walking through the woods.

When you reach the priory you come out in the middle of a field with the priory runes in the middle, The structure of the runes is still there only with a wall surrounding it with a huge arch way for where the door would of been so you can actually stand in the middle of the priory runes there is no roof so its fully exposed, we were all so very amazed with the stones of the building and the arch way as soon as we entered this area we firstly did a sweep of the area checking for any locals about or any local kids hanging out for us to be able to de-bunk anything we heard.

We started to walk around the building in twos one to go one way around the runes and the other to go the other side of the runes to meet up with each other at the other end..

As soon as Joanne got to the rear of the building she was picking up on a burial ground she then got to the side area of the runes literally in the middle of the field next to the woods she got a stabbing pain in the right side like someone had stuck a sword in her side after catching her breath she then joined with the others in the team, which at that time Steve and Malcolm then walked all around the rear and at the side i had picked the stabbing up in and Steve too had the same as Joanne each of them didn't know at this point about what others had picked up after re joining the group Joanne told the team about the stabbing pain and Steve too then said he had the same and described his experience the two were identical.

All of the team started to see movement coming from the woods area,

they all described white movement and black movement in the corner of their eyes as this was a nunnery it would explain the white movement the team where all seeing, Joanne did not know any of the history of this location before attending, i can honestly say this experience has left both Joanne and Steve speechless with what they picked up from this location.

As the team where leaving they decided to take a further look into the woods as they entered the woods they turned left inside of heading for the long drive to the exit, They had to stop when they came to a boggy area which seemed quite interesting to the team they where all being drawn to go down there, As they turned back Joanne was being drawn to this big old oak tree before long she was connecting to her spirit guide who told her there was a hanging that toke place on the tree, as she stood underneath the tree and looked up a few others too got the same vibe.

As the team where walking away from the tree they started taking multiply photos of the area behind them as they were walking.

only this photo came out with a ring of light around it!

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