Woodchester Mansion is a Grade I listed house in the Victorian Gothic style. It is absolutely unique because it is unfinished, so offers visitors the opportunity to see how a house of this period was constructed. The architect was a young local man called Benjamin Bucknall, and both he and his patron, the wealthy William Leigh, were admirers of the important French architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc. There is a strong French influence in the style of the house which also makes Woodchester slightly different from other buildings of its type and time. In addition, Leigh was a perfectionist who exerted a strong and active influence on all the work he undertook, so the quality of the craftsmanship in the house is very high.

Woodchester Mansion is situated at the western end of Woodchester Park, in a beautiful valley, with the village of Woodchester at the eastern end. Records of settlement in Woodchester stretch back to Roman times; the remains of a large Roman villa with an outstanding Orpheus mosaic pavement are situated in the village churchyard. Land at Woodchester is recorded in the Domesday Book and the manor of Woodchester had a series of owners in the Middle Ages. In 1564 ownership of Woodchester Park was granted by the Crown to the Huntley family of Frocester.

The Huntleys enclosed the valley with a wall about 7 miles long to create a deer park, and built a hunting lodge at the western end of the valley in about 1612. This appears to be the earliest record of habitation around the site of the current Woodchester Mansion. In 1631 the lodge was sold to the Ducie family. The Ducies were large local landowners who developed the park over the next two centuries. The original hunting lodge was transformed into a Georgian house called Spring Park Mansion. Exact details of when the house was built and altered are unknown, but in 1750 Frederick Prince of Wales stayed there and in 1788 King George III visited.

The Ducies also landscaped the Woodchester valley to form the chain of lakes and pleasure grounds that survive today. Capability Brown visited the park in 1782 and his assistant John Speyers made a survey of the park which has survived and shows a chain of six lakes in the valley. However, Brown died the following year and his plan is not thought to have been implemented. Humphrey Repton was consulted in 1809 and shortly afterwards the lakes were built by damming the stream down the valley. Humphrey Repton’s son, John Adey Repton, improved Spring Park Mansion about 1830 but when the second Earl Ducie inherited the estate in 1840 extensive repairs costing about £8000 were needed. Both William Cubitt and Anthony Salvin drew up plans but the Ducie family decided to sell the property and focus on their other Gloucestershire estate at Tortworth. So Woodchester Park was put on the market in 1843. Copies of the original advertisement survive, describing it as a “magnificent property” with a “princely desmene” and “4000 acres of excellent land”.


Wood Chester Mansion is a great gothic mansion that was never quite finished. The area of this fantastic building is literally in the middle of no where its placed at the bottom of a long lane in the middle of fields with no neighbours around the house just fields and cows.

This was a great location i had yet another headache and neck-ache with the build up to investigating this place, which i normally get when im around negative energies, As soon as i entered the building the feeling in my head subsided. Wood Chester Mansion has some great history and energies of this building as soon we started investigating the building and the different areas we could hear doors banging footsteps whispers and smells from the past.

We used several equipment here and it all worked very well some of the guests went on the Ouija board and connected to a male entity, Sammie one of the team members did an exercise on the top floor with another guest who was a paranormal investigator and they both stood at the end of the corridor where we was getting most of the activity, it wasn't to long until a figure came in-front of her and literally pushed her backwards she felt the force pushing her and even lost her balance,

We could actually see the figure standing in front of her he was very tall all you could see was a figure out line and a black mass all around the figure, this is the 1st location where i seen a full bodily figure standing against the wall it was so clear, the energy here is amazing.

and we will defiantly be re-visiting in the near future....

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